Abstract Moroccan Boujad Rugs


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Abstract Moroccan Boujad Rugs

Boujad rugs are traditionally hand-woven by women with natural and soft wool, featuring bright red, pinks, mauve, red, or orange backgrounds, along with irregular geometric patterns reflecting the artistic blend of Arabic and Berber cultures in Morocco. The colors are made from the natural dyes of flowers, henna, leaves, and berries. These rugs go perfectly well with all interior styles, including Traditional, Bohemian, Minimalist, Modern, and Scandinavian, which makes it the best choice for your needs. This unique, rare artistic handmade rug has also been featured on the cover of the world’s leading home decoration magazines. Due to its handmade nature, every rug is different and unique.

Dimensions : 6.3 x 8.5 ft/ 195 x 262 cm.
Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

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