Blue Moroccan Azilal Area Rug


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Blue Handmade Berber Azilal Carpet

This is a Moroccan wonderful wool kilim rug is handmade by Berber women, the techniques are passed from generation to generation, each rug is, it a sort of representation of the rustic life that they are proude of. Our rugs are hand-woven by Artist Berber craftswomen whose know-how has been transmitted from generation to generation

(4.9 X 3.3) feet = (59 X 39) inch = (150 X 100) cm

(6.5 X 3.3) feet = (78 X 39) inch = (200 X 100) cm

(6.5 X 4.9) feet = (78 X 59) inch = (200 X 150) cm

(8.2 X 4.9) feet = (98 X 59) inch = (250 X 150) cm

(6.5 X 6.5) feet = (78 X 78) inch = (200 X 200 ) cm

(6.5 X 8.2) feet = (78 X 98) inch = (200 X 250) cm

(6.5 X 9.8) feet = (78 X 118) inch = (200 X 300) cm

(11.5 X 8.2) feet = (137 X 98) inch = (350 X 250) cm

(6.5 X 13.1) feet = (78 X 157) inch = (200 X 400) cm

(9.8 X 13.1) feet = (118 X 157) inch = (300 X 400) cm

(9.8 X 16.4 ) feet = (118 X 196) inch = (300 X 500) cm

Material: 100% Wool
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

Our Azilal carpets are not only a decorative piece to embellish your rooms. It is an art stories that tell the story of the ancient Berber past and its encounter with the current life of its nomadic creator.

This Azilal Carpet is handwoven in a colorful palette, following no rules but the artisan mood and inspiration to give a superb outcome. A beautiful example of tribal art.

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Blue Moroccan Azilal Rug

This genuine Moroccan azilal rug has been handwoven by the berber women of the atlas region for a domestic use. This rug is made from a fine graded wool that gives it a soft and silky touch. Each type of rugs have a unique designs and colors that add to the uniqueness and rich story of this tribes and also they play a role of expressing the daily life of its maker. These piece of art can be used as a floor carpet or it can be used as decoration for your wall.

azilal carpet

The base of an Azilal rug is mostly a light shade of cream or white – the natural colour of the wool used – then woven with brightly tinted wool coloured by the regional flora.

moroccan azilal area rug

Azilal rugs tie a room together and set a texture foundation with their bold colors and creative designs. The heirloom piece is hand-knotted with intricate patterns and symbolism by master artisans. The geometric shapes, creative symbolism, and bold colors contrasting the undyed wool depict stories of the artisan’s life. The highly sought rug is made in rustic villages of the Beni-Mellal region by the Azilal tribe, extending north of the High Atlas to the southern foothills of the Middle Atlas.

The Azilal wasn’t discovered by the outside world until the 1990s, at which point it became highly collectable. I didn’t see these rugs until 2014, and in the five years since I’ve started to collect, the supply of high-quality, abstract azilals has gone away seemingly overnight as their value and desirability skyrocketed. Occasionally I still find amazing pieces, such as this beauty, and always marvel at the incredible designs that women move so many years ago.

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