Colorful Hallway Moroccan Rug 


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Hallway Moroccan Rug Rug

👉Azilal rug are fantastic every rug has story and unique dsigne working handmade lot of time you finde azilal rug white and mix color materiel also is mix wool and cotton rug are very soft and like pikasso make your familly very happy and eevery time you well love take picture with this nice rug order now and profit free fast shipping to your house we wash and clean rug befor ship to you and you well accept with perfect condition also you can order you favorite dsigne and size well be ready in feew week small size take about 10days max king size between 4 to 5 week we chose best wool and we work with love🌸

this carpet and in a very good condition, very well clean.
size:8.2 feet X 5.7 feet
condition: excellent

We can make it at any size , Contact us about size you want us to create for you This is all free service !! No extra fees !Or Check Our Design In Azilal Rug Or Others Moroccan Handmade Rugs 

Please request any changes on buyer note when you place your order or by email us here : [email protected]

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