Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light


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 Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light

A Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light has a unique look that never fails to attract the attention of visitors and guests. This hand pierced metal lamp will make beautiful patterns on the wall, ceiling and floor if you use a transparent bulb.

Size:H 13 x Ø 20 cm

Materials:METAL,Transparent White Glass .
Colour : Brown



 Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light

Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light

A beautiful Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light  that showcases intricate cut-out metalwork. These gorgeous metal ceiling lights have a delicate cut out pattern to give a gorgeous lighting effect and are available in two colours: Black or Copper. Comes with a ceiling rose and all necessary fittings to make installation as easy as possible. Made from: These ceiling lights are finished with either matt black or copper flame paint to give a gorgeous antique look. They are hand made by the artisans at W.F.T.O. members Noah’s Ark, India, who work with recycled metal to create the stunning designs. The light fittings all meet EU electrical standards and come with ceiling rose and fittings.

Moroccan Hanging Lantern Lamp

A Moroccan hanging lamp has a unique look that never fails to attract the attention of visitors and guests. Because of its unique aesthetics and functionality, a Moroccan hanging lamp is often difficult to find. Maybe you already know this, and that is why you want one for your home.

Keep in mind that a Moroccan hanging lamp is a general term, which can be confusing for the inexperienced consumer. To help you find your way around, this article will be a guide to buying a Moroccan hanging lamp.

What are the different types of suspensions?

The first thing you need to determine is the type of hanging lamp you want. Your choices are generally in the following categories: standard, mini pendant, island, multi-light and inverted.

The standard lamp is the basic option, which means that it is also more economical. The standard type comes with a single standard size lamp.
As the name implies, the mini-pendant is smaller than the standard. It is mainly used for a small one-person table. It is a kind of personal lighting. However, you can also use the mini pendant as a single light fixture for an ordinary table or hallway by buying several lamps.
An island pendant lamp usually consists of two or three light sources. The light sources are attached to a pole or central fixture. An island is an excellent option for a pool table, bar or desk.
The term “multi-light” generally refers to a pendant lamp that has more than three light sources. This type of lamp is often designed to be large, which is why it is often used as an alternative to a chandelier.
The inverted lamp is designed to project more light upwards or upwards from the ceiling than downwards. As a result, it offers a unique lighting experience. The inverted can be used in a dining area, fireplace or dining room.
How to determine the right height for a Moroccan pendant lamp?
The height of the Moroccan pendant lamp must be carefully considered. For a suspended lamp, the “height” refers to the distance between the appliance and the floor. Suspended lamps are often used for a table or a corridor.

If you buy a Moroccan hanging lamp for a table, the ideal height is between 28 and 32 inches.
If you plan to place the Moroccan pendant lamp on a catwalk or in a corridor, you will want a space of 7 feet between the floor and the fixture.
What is the appropriate wattage for a Moroccan pendant lamp?
When you buy a lamp, you may have noticed that the lamps have different wattages. You should not ignore this factor. The wattage of a lamp generally corresponds to the amount of light it can provide. Ideally, you should have about 60 to 75 watts per 20 inches of table or countertop.


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This is a typical Moroccan Pendant Lamps design of Best Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light . Offered to you by trusted Moroccan company, owned by locals. If this particular design doesn’t meet you taste, we have a wide range of Moroccan Pendant Lamps And ceramic to enhance your life style. Moroccan artisanal are our specialty and we ship worldwide.

2 reviews for Moroccan Glass Star Pendant Light

  1. Francis

    Absolutely beautiful!!! We love this Moroccan pendant! Worth the wait and arrived in perfect condition. We did have an issue with installation. Electrician had to purchase another base in order to hang. Based on recommendations in reviews, we used a Halogen 60 watt clear candle bulb. Shades are perfect!! Highly recommend!!!!

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    Image #1 from Francis
  2. Jenyore

    This light is amazing. Such a beautiful piece of artwork. My father in law hung it and he did make a couple trips to Lowes (kinda normal for any project around here) . He had to get an additional bracket to secure it. Wasn’t hard though. While it came expertly packaged, there was a detached area (metal ring about opening). Shop owner offers suggestions on how to fix it. I don’t really care though. The beauty of handmade is often in the imperfections. I feel honored to display this in my home. Thank you!

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    Image #1 from Jenyore
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