Moroccan Sabra Rug


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Moroccan Sabra Rug

ThisMoroccan Sabra Rug is made with two traditional techniques, flatweave (kilim) and knotted. Hand-woven geometric design wiht featuring wool blue and ivory. They’re made of cactus silk and shine in the light. They’re handmade in a specific region of the Atlas Mountains and the women of the region specialize in weaving and loom work. The motifs of each carpet tell the story of the women who made it… You can actually look up Berber motifs and decode them a bit… I think it’s so much fun! Sabra Kilims are also vegan rugs. The don’t use and animal byproducts and are naturally dyed.

Dimensions : 134cm x 230cm // 4ft 8in x 7ft 7in
Material: Cactus Silk
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

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