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Moroccan Natural Leather Ottoman

Natural Leather Footstool is stylish and practical. Its small bohemian side is charming and brings an exotic touch to your cozy nest. You can use this Natural Leather Ottoman as both a comfortable seat, footrest and coffee table in your living room and bedrooms. Our Moroccan Partner Artisansprovide us with leather ottomans of the highest quality. Handcrafted by the best craftsmen in Marrakech. Our Moroccan Ottoman is made of 100% high quality goat leather colored with natural ingredients. This type of leather and treatment gives the pouf a sweet smell reminiscent of the merry scent of Berber souks, not strong as the smell of Lamb Leather very often used for poor quality ottomans.

100% leather – Handmade – zip closure – Dimensions: Diameter 21 inch /53 cm Height 12 inch / 30 cm.

this Real Leather Ottoman Brown are delivered empty to save on shipping costs and tax , they are easy to fill, You can use polyester fiber lining or cotton, but you can also use old rags or towels to make it as firm or as flexible as you want



Natural Leather Footstool

Moroccan Natural Leather Ottoman

Be ready to relax with this trendy made of real leather and authentic high quality. Natural Leather Ottoman quality 100% leather. Imported pouf from Marrakech in Morocco, versatile in its use as footrest, small armchair, Natural Leather Footstool or side table. Can be used in all rooms of the house. We use the softest goat leather, of course using traditional methods, hand stitched. Each beanbag is different. Because it’s a natural product, colors may vary slightly from those in the photo. Sometimes leather can also have small marks. However, we can live with the colors as much as possible.

Natural Leather Footstool

Our Moroccan poufs are made by hand in Morocco and we buy them directly from the artisans. We pay the artisans fairly for their work and we are proud to offer fair trade products. We also carry a variety of high-quality leather footstools as well as some vegan pouf options in gold and silver. Our Moroccan poufs ship very fast from Montreal, Canada. We offer FREE shipping for any order of $100 or more to Canada or the United States. On the other hand, our larger coffee table poufs are made to order and can be customized in any color of your choice.

Our Tan Leather Pouf is a best seller. Its rich tan leather colour is spot on and looks amazing in a contemporary or bohemian décor. The go-to leather colour if you’re looking to add a cozy element to your living room. Our vegan Gold leather poufs are super popular for nursery decor and we personally think they’ll add magic to any room of your house.

We bring you authentic Moroccan leather poufs, suede leather poufs, Moroccan leather ottomans, suede leather ottomans and other custom bohemian seating, all handcrafted in Morocco. Our leather poufs & leather ottomans are made of genuine natural leather stitched together and hand embroidered with exquisite detailing on the top. Our poufs and ottomans are versatile and an ideal addition to any room from the living room to the playroom. They are available in many colors and can be used as footstools, seating around coffee tables, or a side table. They come pre-stuffed with recycled thread and fabric, delivering comfort and sturdiness.

An essential piece in bohemian style interior decoration. The Moroccan Leather Ottoman / Ottoman, often hand sewn in Morocco and made of real leather, mostly goatskin (sometimes cowhide), are real little handicrafts.

Moroccan footstools can be found in the living room as well as in the bedroom for adults or babies. Perfect footrests, these poufs also serve as cushions to sit on the floor or for animals to rest. For a purely decorative accent, you can also put a serving tray on it and use it as a coffee table.

Moroccan Poufs Leather Luxury Ottomans Footstools Tan Unstuffed

Moroccan Leather Pouf – White – Round with embroidery – Moroccan Corridor.The footstools are a relaxing accessory whose origins date back to the Ottoman Empire and the Arab world.An integral part of Turkish culture during the time of the great Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman footstool, as a type of furniture, was brought to Europe through trade in the late 1700s, when the word “Ottoman” and its French equivalent “ottoman” were popularized. The word “ottoman” is a strange enough word to refer to a piece of furniture. Ottomans were named after the empire itself and the name has remained, although many synonyms have been derived over time – poufs, haddocks, ottomans, etc. – and have been used in the name of furniture.

In the Arab world, long before the date indicated, it was widely used to decorate and furnish houses. They were usually made of leather and had fabrics inside that formed part of the upholstery. Real giant cushions to relax the body and mind whenever necessary.

The first footstools were born as royal seats or, in some cases, as footrests with square lines and a comfort that was certainly not the best. Over the years, this complement has undergone various aesthetic and functional transformations.

Natural Leather Footstool

The authentic Moroccan poufs are coated with goat skin and accompanied by authentic and attractive patterns. They are entirely sewn / embroidered by hand.

Moroccan poufs are available in a range of shapes, colors and prices. The traditional round ottomans are embroidered or embossed, and the square ottomans are available in quilted, shiny and rich natural shades.

The materials used are thick and durable, making the seat remarkably comfortable and cosy.

This Moroccan ottoman is decorated with an embroidery on the top and a zipper on the bottom, which makes filling very easy.The Tan (Brown Caramel) version is the most claimed because its color adapts to all decorations.

Leather Pouf – Moroccan Corridor

But you can find a wide variety of colors, from the palest to the strongest.

The standard measurements are approximately: 20″ x 14″ / 50 cm in diameter and 35 cm in height (approx.), but there are also smaller measurements available.


These Moroccan footstools have raised patterns on the top and a zipper on the bottom, making them very easy to fill.

The handicraft of the Pouf is inspired by the ancient culture of Morocco. The hand embossing consists of geometric symbols of Moroccan architecture.

Moroccan Leather Pouf – Embossed – Moroccan Corridor

Hand embossing is also done by people from the culture. This is why the camel is usually present in the work of hand embossing.

Round Natural Leather Ottoman

It is an excellent choice to decorate your home by spicing up your interior or your rooms. You can also take advantage of the footstool’s square shape by placing a tray on top and turning it into a temporary side table, or a footstool while you watch your favorite movies.


When footstools are imported or sold online, they are usually unpacked for economic reasons. You can use old rags or towels to make them as firm or as soft as you like. Now they can also be filled using a sponge, fiber padding, polysometer, newspapers. This creates a perfect shape that lasts for years.


When it comes to decorating your cozy home in the bohemian oriental lifestyle, footstools are a great way to add a touch of oriental beauty and fantasy to your rooms.

In addition, they are especially beautiful in the bohemian spaces of your living room. If your rooms are filled with a mix of patterns, textures and multiple styles, a few colorful pouffes would be a perfect addition to your interior. Hense, they add an extra seating option without creating clutter. Above all, footstools are wonderfully versatile, elegant and easy to use around the house. And because they’re soft and practical, you don’t have to worry about moving them around and scratching the floor.

Create a beautiful decor by using them as footstools, seats, tables or accents in any room of your home. There are many different ways to decorate your comfortable home with our beautiful hand sewn Moroccan ottomans.You can place one or two ottomans in front of a sofa or occasional chairs, in the same way, under your coffee table to sit when you need them.Move closer to your sofa table which would be well composed or next to a piece of furniture of television.Fold two of them at the foot of the bed, in the office of the house, and especially in the nursery too.

Available in several colors and patterns, the Moroccan ottomans can be perfectly highlighted with the main or complementary color of your decoration. As children love Moroccan ottomans, we propose you to combine the design ottoman in white or fuchsia leather with the decoration of the child’s room.

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This is a typical Moroccan Poufs Leather design of Best Moroccan Poufs Leather. Offered to you by trusted Moroccan company, owned by locals. If this particular design doesn’t meet you taste, we have a wide range of Moroccan Poufs Leather to enhance your life style. Moroccan artisanal are our specialty and we ship worldwide.

4 reviews for Natural Leather Footstool | Natural Leather Ottoman

  1. Kitty

    Wonderful mini ottomans. We looked at many website and found expensive and ugly ottomans. These were perfect and the seller was delightful to do busy with. Ces poufs sont formidables. Nous avons recherché les ottomans et trouvé ce qui étaient laids et chers. Le vendeur était très agréable pour faire des affaires avec lui.

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    Image #1 from Kitty
  2. Lynssi

    So so so cute!! This is absolutely adorable and goes perfect in my room. I love that I can just fill it with old blankets (I’ve got tons of those) thank you for such fast shipping and an amazing product!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Lynssi
  3. Lofi

    Really pleased, they’re bigger than I expected, so take a lot of stuffing but they look great. I did have to pay a small customs charge on top of the purchase price but they are still worth it. I will be ordering again for another room! They do have a bit of a leathery smell, but nothing like a cheaper one I had years ago.

  4. Richard

    Wow. This pouf is first class quality, including the leather, silk stitching, embroidery, and delivery. BEAUTIFUL!. Compared to four others I purchased from other Etsy Shops at the same time, this one is in a league by itself. Plus it was half the price of others even after paying shipping! If you need a pouf, get it from HiMorrocco.

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