Large Vintage Boujaad Rug | Orange Moroccan Boujad Rug


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Orange Moroccan Boujaad Rug

This Stunning large vintage Moroccan rug is a Boujaad rug. It has been made in the Middle Atlas by Moroccan berber Women. Boujaad Rugs are short pile, handwoven, from the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. They are primarily made from locally sourced wool, with occasional bits of cotton. These rugs play with bold strong colors : pinks, purples, oranges & reds. Each piece telling a tale with the use of traditional Berber lozenges & motifs, making references to fertility, rural life, marriage, spiritual beliefs and more. This unique rug attracts the eye. Its design with many geometrical symbols is accurate and captivating. Its condition is impeccable, the wool is very soft and shiny. This rug will delight people looking for a vintage carpet in the warm colors and unusual.

Dimensions : Length: 305 cm ( 10 Feet) Width: 158 cm ( 5.2 Feet)
Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

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