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Moroccan Red Kilim Rug

Our Red Kilim Rug range is beautifully hand woven to create a exquisite flatweave rug. Each piece is produced to the highest standard using a mix of chenille and cotton yarn. Attentively finished with braided edges and tassels to complete the hand crafted ethnic look. These stunning creations are the work of extraordinary and talented women who use ancient traditional weaving to create these masterpieces. Through their looms, these women transform the raw wool into beautiful and stunning designs.

Dimensions : Width : 120 cm Length : 170 cm

We can make it at any size , Contact us about size you want us to create for you This is all free service !! No extra fees !Or Check Our Design In kilim  Rug Or Others Moroccan Rug 

Please request any changes on buyer note when you place your order or by email us here : [email protected]