Tagine Clay Pot For Sale


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Moroccan Tagine Clay Pot For Sale

This beautiful Tagine Clay Pot For Sale was handmade in Morocco, beautifully decorated and hand painted.This intricately painted tagine was hand made by our talented ceramicist, Fethi, out of terracotta clay, which was then painted and glazed. This is the large size, which feeds up to 4 people. There is a small version of this design – please get in contact if you are interested.

size:26.5cm diameter 18cm height



Moroccan Tagine Clay Pot For Sale

Tagine Clay Pot For Sale

Our Tagine Clay Pot For Sale is great for serving dishes for parties. These colorful dinnerware sets are made for both cooking and serving using the morocco method. The base of the tagines cookware is wide and shallow helping to form a tight seal allowing stream to rise and condensation to fall back over the food. With his Moroccan pottery you will not only be be able to entertain guests by cooking flavorful and great tasting food from morocco or any other cuisine of your liking.

Moroccan Tagine Pot How To Use

– Products cannot be washed in a dishwasher – Before you start cooking, soak the pot or bowl in cold water for 15 minutes. The pores in the crockery will absorb moisture and make the food juicier. – Clay products do not tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations. – Always place the clay pot in a cold oven, gradually increasing the temperature. In a heated oven, it may crack. – If you put hot vegetables in a pot, then after a few minutes the pot can be placed in a preheated oven. – It is recommended to take the pot out of the oven 5 to 10 minutes before the dish is ready, since even outside the oven it will continue to cook due to the properties of the pot. – When preparing any dishes in ceramic pots, instead of clay lids, you can use dough lids, which, being saturated with the aromas of products and spices, become very tasty bread. – The liquid added during cooking must be hot so that the walls of the pot do not crack. – For the same reason, when taking out the pot from the microwave or oven, do not place it on a too cold surface. The best thing you can think of is letting it cool slightly on a wooden stand or cutting board. – You can bake food in earthenware of any shape: in a bowl, dish, cup, plate … – You can put many foods raw in a pot, they will cook perfectly in a red clay pot, you just need to slightly increase the cooking time. – After use, fill the pots with warm water for 15 – 20 minutes, then wash with a soft sponge, dry before next use and sometimes bake in the oven without food to prevent unpleasant odors. – Cooking in earthenware is POSSIBLE only: • in the microwave, • in the oven, but only without an open flame. • in the tandoor, but after it has reached the required temperature and is ready for use and cooking

Moroccan Tagine Pot To Buy

Tagines (also called tajines or tangines) are essential kitchen utensils in Moroccan cuisine and the kitchens of Morocco. Growing up in Morocco, we had at least 5 Moroccan tagine pots in our house of different types, sizes, and for different uses and occasions.

Today, even thousands of miles away from Morocco, I still can’t imagine a cooking routine that doesn’t include tagine cooking utensils. And believe me, once you start cooking with these utensils, you won’t be able to stop with all the delicacy they allow you to create.If you are new to the tagine, this guide will show you exactly where to buy an authentic and traditional Moroccan tagine and where to find the one that will suit you and your family, depending on how you intend to use it.

Why buy a tagine jar?

The advantage of buying and cooking in a tagine jar comes from the shape (cone) and composition (clay) of the tagine jars. These two elements contribute to the condensation of the aromas and the slow cooking of the ingredients, which gives them delicious flavors.

Where To Buy Moroccan Tagine

Thanks to the slow cooking process, vegetables and meat cooked in a tagine will be very tasty, deeply impregnated with herbs and spices.Oh, and don’t even tell me about the delicious aftertaste of smoke and roasting, due to the cooking in the clay tagine.

Moroccan tagine cooked in a tagine pot

Typical Moroccan tagine, cooked and served in a traditional tagine
Cooking in a tagine pot is truly an extraordinary experience. Even though some tagines can be a little expensive, they are really worth it with all the options and cooking possibilities they offer. They open your taste buds to a whole new range of previously unknown flavors.What’s more, clay tagines are one of the healthiest and safest kitchen utensils you can use in your kitchen!

Where To Buy A Moroccan Tagine

in our shop we have lots of traditional jar tagines and authentic moroccan tagin

Not all the tagine pots available on the market are worth your money, and you have to find the best tagine pot for you according to your needs.The most important points to check before buying a tagine jar are the size of the tagine jar, the composition of the tagine jar (some tagine jars contain lead which is toxic), and the type of your tagine jar (glazed or unglazed). Here are all the details you need.

What size tagine should I buy?

The correct size of your tagine pot depends on the number of people you will serve it to.A small tagine jar with a base measuring between 8 and 10 inches will be perfect for two people.If you are hosting more people, choose a larger tagine jar. For example, for a meeting of 3 to 4 people, a large tagine jar with a base of about 12 inches is the one to choose.Don’t forget that if your tagine is to be part of a diversified menu (with a few starters or side dishes for example), a small 8 to 10 inch tagine may be enough even for a meeting of 4 people.

Iced, unglazed and serving tagines

Glazed and unglazed tagines are different types of tagines that offer different uses and options. Thus, depending on what you plan to do with your tagine (cooking or serving only), it is important to choose the type of tagine that suits you.

Serving tagines

Tagine pots for decoration and service are quickly spotted. They are shiny with beautiful paints and bright colors.

Moroccan tagines of service and decoration

Decorative tagines are perfect as a serving bowl for paellas, chili peppers, pasta and salads. I do this all the time and my guests always love the attention. The tagine lid will help your dish stay warm, while the tagine style will add a nice exotic touch to your dressing.

If you are looking for a larger tagine, prices can become very high and at this point, it is better to invest in a kitchen tagine that converts into a serving tagine (we will see that later).

Small pots of service tagine

What we also like to do in Morocco is to use several small tagine jars as small serving dishes for sauces, dips and side dishes to add color and a nice touch to the table.

small tagine jar

What is a tagine jar?
You may notice that I try to clarify the term “tagine jar” and not simply call it “tagine”. There is a simple reason for this. The word tagine has two meanings. A tagine refers to the food cooked inside the pot as well as the pot used for cooking.Traditionally, tagine pots are made of clay. They can be glazed or not, the finish simply depends on what the cook prefers. In Morocco, you will also see lightweight aluminum tagines. Outside of Morocco, more and more companies are making tagines in other materials such as cast iron or even steel.Tagines are available in different sizes. There are small kitchen tajines for 1 or 2 people, medium tajines for a small family and large tajines for 6 or more people. If size is a factor, small tagines are good, but a medium-sized tagine pot is a good investment for long-term use.

Moroccan Cooking Tagine Price :

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This is a typical Moroccan Cooking Tagine design of Best Tagine Clay Pot For Sale. Offered to you by trusted Moroccan company, owned by locals. If this particular design doesn’t meet you taste, we have a wide range of Moroccan Cooking Tagine to enhance your home decor. Moroccan artisanal rugs are our specialty and we ship worldwide

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  1. Miller

    I spent a lot of time debating which tajin to purchase for my partner who is a fantastic and adventurous cook. This piece is visually beautiful and is just the right size for our NYC apartment. We’ve had incredible meals from it. Thank you!!

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  2. jAMAL

    My item came in intact and very well packaged. The seller was very communicative. I am very pleased with the product and the service. Thank you!

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    Image #1 from jAMAL
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